Tony and Jennifer enjoying the wonderful evening air in the main courtyard.  This area was the usual gathering place after dinner. Steve and Susan, also enjoying the warm Caribbean night air.
Group Photo!  Tony, Jen, Jim, Hali, Steve, Susan, Miriam, Howie, and Kathy. Susan having all kinds of fun with Lester (Cuba!) and Tony.  Note that Lester's left hand is completely hidden from view...
The same crowd -- only now jocking for position close to the bar. Jim and Hali on the beach and hoping for more clouds -- it was warm!
Hali and Jim renewing their vows in an even more casual setting than the first time. Man (and woman) eating birds.  First they lull you into a false sense of security with a friendly "hello".  Then they go for your neck!
Jim outside of the excellent spa facility.  If you didn't get a massage here, you missed out big. Hali deciding between hot and cold.  That looks like a champagne cork in the corner there...
The pool/hot tub area right under our room.  These pool/tub areas are scattered all over the grounds (ours was the most fun, though ;-) Hali at the door to our balcony.  The trees gave us a nice hidden spot to lounge. 
Jim doing the sunset pose. Hali and Jim catching a sunset prior to the returning guest's dinner.
Hali tolerating her husband behind the wheel of her camera, again. Jim and Hali after the dinner.
The boys taking in some night air after a fine meal. Hali showing off her tan legs. Oo-la-la!
The after dinner gathering photo -- the food was almost as good as the company (and the food was excellent). Another small dinner gathering of 8 or 10 people.  Group dinners rule!
The entertainment in the courtyard was always fun. The view towards the beach in early morning light (not too early :-)
Jim and Tony after the last water skiing session of the vacation. Tony and Hali contemplating the wonderful holiday while waiting for the bus home  :-(
Hali staying cool in the shade!