Hali and Mike go to Jamaica!
We went to Jamaica for a vacation (of course), and also to celebrate my 40th birthday.  I had tried to convince some friends to go away with us, but they all declined politely.  Imagine my surprise to find four friends at the airport waiting to join us on our vacation!   Christine, Paul, Karen, and Dennis (and Hali) all managed to keep this surprise a secret for over 6 months!!  The vacation was a unanimous success, with a great time had by all.  The weather was generally very sunny and warm. There were a few brief rain showers during the trip, but never enough to dampen spirits!  The seas were usually pretty big, and we challenged them in the Hobie Cats almost every day. We also played a ton of beach volleyball, climbed on their really cool rock wall, went kayaking, horseback riding, and windsurfing. Some (but not all) of these fun activities have been captured in the images below.  Enjoy!

Christine, Paul and Hali relaxing while waiting in Charleston airport for the final flight to Jamaica.
Dennis and Karen join in to make it a group photo of all of the co-conspirators!
Dinner at "The Manor" during our first night.
Paul and Christine try out the funky chairs after dinner.
This is Hali and Omar at the rock wall.  The rock wall had a range of climbs from about 5.4 up to 5.10-.
Hali cruising up the 5.8+ route.  The more advanced wall was bolted for leading, but leading was not allowed. BYO rope and draws to sneak in some fun night leads.
Relaxing with some frosty drinks after a day on the beach.  This is the deck outside the Manor Bar.
Dennis, Karen, Paul, and Christine inside the main lobby.
Group photo!
This is the group during dinner at the beach restaurant (Italian food).
Hali near a pretty palm. The grounds were very nice -- day or night!
The pier was a great place for an afternoon walk. There was always a nice breeze.
The group on the pier. Just another gorgeous day in Jamaica!
Christine and Paul posing in between breaking waves (note the wet boards).
Karen and Dennis were the big golf and tennis players on this trip. Here they are on the pier, taking a break from all of that activity!
Paul (AKA "John Wayne") atop his trusty steed "Heart of a lion". The ride through the mountains was beautiful.
Mike's horse spots another tempting shrub.
The group takes a break for some home made lime-ade while enjoying fabulous views of the coastline. More Bammy, anyone?
Hali and Mike pose with Naran -- one of the guides from the "Hooves" stable. This was our best horseback ride in the Caribbean.
Christine, Paul, and Hali taking it easy between volleyball games.
Christine, serving it up on the way to winning the volleyball tournament (and a free bottle of rum). Team Rhode Island won it both weeks!
Paul and Christine hanging out in the beach-side jacuzzi.
Mike and Paul on their way to fetch some frosty beverages for...
...the ladies!
Hali and Mike under the wedding arch. I do!
Hali and Damar -- the man that rigged the "advanced" rope for us when others wouldn't.
Dennis and Karen relaxing at the start of another beautiful Jamaican evening.
New friends Sonya and Derek. Nice folks and good volleyball players!
It's Mike's birthday night, and everyone is looking pretty tan!
A close up of one of the many butterflys hanging around the resort.
Hali snapped this cool no-flash photo down on the pier during the coktail hour for the returning guests dinner.
Derek and Sonya enjoying a moonlight stroll.
Mike's attempt at a no-flash image of his lovely wife.
A grand sand castle on the beach, and a fun water trampoline in the ocean!
Mike getting ready for a hard climb.
Hali taking it easy on the balcony of our room. Each villa has it's own small pool!
This is a close-up of the view from our room. It was a really wonderful trip, and a great way to turn 40! Please send us email if you would like full-size images. Click here to email Mike , or click here to email Hali. If you would like to go to our main vacation page, click here. Bye!