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That's us on the dock with the Ciboney beach in the background. Great beach (great volley ball set-up, too).
Here's Hali at the great-house pool area.  The rocks behind her have water running over them and there is a slide off image to the right (next to the pool bar).
Here's Jim posing on one of the scenic walkways through the grounds.
The view from our room.  We did see a few cruise ships go past.
Hali on one of the decks overlooking the beach and dock.  She was getting ready to dive off the dock into the clear blue waters below.
Mike holding up the bar (enufer hummin bert palease).
Mike enjoying a wonderful tropical sunset (and a humming bird!).
Hali enjoying one of the beautiful floral displays.
Hali cooling off in the afternoon breeze.
Friends David & Laura enjoying the usually late afternoon haunt -- the whirpool!
Group photo!!  Some very fun people we met (shown here at "Orchids" restuarant).
Bob & Rosemary contemplating their day at the beach over a wonderful meal.
Brian & Cathy laughing about all of the photographs people are taking.
Dave and Laura chatting about the great programs on channel 18.
Creative food displays at the "Beach Night" party.
Jim just before taking off his clothes and running naked into the water (really!).
Hali getting ready to join Jim in the water.
Jim chasing one of those pesky humming birds in the bushes.  They're so fast!
Us doing our postcard pose.  They gave rides on the 16's (shown), but they let guests take out a smaller version.  The surf was fairly large on some days (6ft+).
This is a small bit of lunch trying to escape under one of the sea kayaks.  We caught it -- yummy!
Hali taking a break from chasing speed boats in front of the beach area.
Nice flowers!

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