8/5/07 11:01 PM
This trip was a "Mentor Series" photo trek in Juneau, Alaska. These seminars offer instruction in general photography, as well as digital image processing. They are a great blend of in-class instruction and guided field sessions. There were two world-class professional photographers (Tom Bol and John Reddy) giving us great tips on all aspects of photography and image processing.

Juneau is located in the Fifth region of the state, commonly referred to as "The Panhandle", or "South-East Alaska", an island archipelago which is the nearest part of Alaska to the mainland United States.

Juneau also happens to be located in the Tongass National Forest -- part of the largest area of temperate zone rain forests on the planet. And that means... RAIN. Lots of rain! 220 days of rain per year, and 55 to 90+ inches of rain per year. Bring a rain coat for yourself, and one for your camera!

That being said, we still had a wonderful time. We saw the sun once or twice. We got to do some very interesting sight-seeing. And we got to spend a week getting tips from very talented professional photographers. It was a not a restful week, but it was a very enjoyable week!

Don't forget to check out the animation sequence of the South Sawyer glacier calving -- that was sooo cool to watch! Also check out our other vacation images at our vacation home page. Until next time... Happy trails!
Mike & Hali
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