Mike, Hali, Paul & Chrisinte visit Punta Cana (Natura Park)
This was our first visit to the Dominican Republic, and it was beautiful! The resort was located on a very quiet beach. To one side of the beach there were a couple of other small resorts and a beach market. To the other side was nothing but beach for as far as we could walk/see. It was, however, very easy to loose your sunglasses along that stretch of beach (smile). Our resort had very nice grounds and various types of birds could be found everywhere. A perfect, romantic get away!
February 1999
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Allofus AreWeThereYet Beach Daiquairitoast2
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demon2 Drinks FlamingoHeron Goose
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HaliAtDawn HaliByBeachMarket Halilastday HaliMikeAtDawn
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