Red Rocks Climbing & Zion Hiking
October 2004

It's always fun to climb at Red Rocks, so we didn't hesitate to make plans for another trip there. Unlike out past trips there, this trip was a full week. Since we couldn't possibly climb for an entire week, we decided to add a side trip to Zion National Park for some beatiful hiking. We climbed for 2 days, then hiked for two days, and then climbed for two more days!

The weather was a little on the warm-side at Red Rocks (low 90's), so we stayed in the shade while climbing. The night time temperatures were wonderful -- warm enough go out to dinner in a short sleeve shirt. In contrast, the weather at Zion was a little cooler during the day, and much cooler at night. In fact, we had to scrape the ice from our windshield in the mornings at Zion. The day time temps there were perfect for hiking!

We had some interesting adventures during this trip, but the only "epics" occurred while driving! Various bits of trip comments are included in the captions for some of the pictures. Enjoy!

To see pictures of our other fun trips you can visit our main vacation page HERE. Happy trails!   - Mike & Hali

Sunday: Black Corridor
  5.10A - Dancin' With a God; M-RP; H-GP
  5.9+ PG - Lewd, Crude, and Misconstrued; M-GP; H-GP
  5.9+ PG - Crude Street Blues; M-Lead; H-GP
  5.9+ PG - Thermal Breakdown; M-Lead; H-GP
  5.9 - Bon Aire; M-RP; H-GP
Monday: (Aborted search for Water World)
Monday: Black Corridor
  5.9 - Bon Aire; M-RP; H-GP
  5.9+ - Bon-Ez; M-RP; H-GP
  5.10D - Nightmare on Crude Street; M-Lead; H-GP
  5.10A - Vagabonds; M-RP,GP; H-GP
Tuesday: Drove to Zion
Wednesday: Hiked East Mesa Trail to Observation Point
Thursday: Hiked Emerald Pools and Kayenta Trails
Thursday: Drove back to 'Vegas
Friday: Magic Bus!
  5.8 - Neon Sunset; M-OSF; H-OSF
Friday: (Aborted hike to Mass Production Wall)
Saturday: Mass Production Wall
  5.8 - Parts Is Parts; M-RP; H-GP
  5.9 - Battery Powered; M-RP; H-GP
  5.9 - Hit and Run; M-RP; H-GP
  5.10A - Trigger Happy; M-GP; H-GP