Hali and Mike Climbing Rumney, NH
Summer Season 2001

Here are a few photos from our weekend rock climbing trips to Rumney this season.  We actually did a ton of climbing, but not much picture taking!  The pictures shown here have been highly optimized to reduce download times.  This means that the picture quality is not the best it could be.  If you would like a higher quality copy of any of these images, just let us know.  As always, click on any image to see a larger version.  See you in the rock gym this winter!!

Hali getting ready to climb "Dead Sea Equestrian" at the Parking Lot wall.  This was actually taken in September of 2000, but I really like the image!  Let's do the time warp again!  It's just a jump to the left... 
Hali cleaning the anchor at the first pitch of "Hot Head" at the Hinterlands.  This injury free season  allowed Hali to conquer a number of challenging routes that had previously given her trouble.
This is a shot of Tony being one with the rock during a nice lead up "Egg McMeadows" at the Parking Lot wall.  Only his second season climbing, Tony kicked butt this year!
This is Lisa following on "Egg McMeadows".  She makes it look so easy...
This is Tony trying to focus on the belay, but he can't figure out where that funky smell is coming from (note the 2 pairs of climbing shoes we placed right behind him).
Hali cleaning the "Trigger Happy" anchor at Triple Corners.  
This is the reservoir in Camden near the house of our friends, Karen and Dennis.
This was taken at the anchor of "Charity Case" on the Main Cliff.  We were attempting the all-sport link up to "Dead Toad", but the traverse right was very sketchy.
The beautiful view was just another good excuse to climb "Charity Case".
This image shows the "Jolt" and "Dolt" arete at the Hinterlands.  The climber opposite Mike dislodged a large rock that crashed down  very near his belayer.
This shot of the same arete shows you just how thin that edge gets.  Look closely and you can see that two of the bolts are placed to the right of the fracture line that make this a very scary route.  The whole flake system looks like it really wants to be free.
This is Mike leading up "The Little People" at the Hinterlands, and just about to make the first hard moveof the route.  The rope on the right is running through the anchor of the (much shorter ) "Tang" route.

This is an extra wide panoramic from the top of one of the higher crags (Jimmy Cliff).  I was at the anchor of "The Junco" when I snapped the images.  This was a beautiful early summer day!!

This is a really rough manual stitch job of some images snapped from the anchors of "Black Slabbath" at the Hinterlands crag.  A great route and another great day.  I love watching really tall climbers struggle with the crux move (smile).  I think this was in August.

Our last panoramic, this sequence was taken from the top of "The Little People", also at the Hinterlands.  This was one of our last trips for the season -- you can see the leaves turning colors.  The climb was long, diverse, and very challenging for the grade (5.10a).
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