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We review the key aspects of the resort on a scale from one to ten -- one being bad, and ten being excellent.

Rooms: 9.2 Good size room. Nice firm bed. CD player and a DVD player. A mini-fridge stocked with beer, soda, juices, and water. The bathroom was a little basic, but sufficient (1 sink and a tub/shower). We had a great ocean view , which we paid for with a last minute-upgrade. The room was close to the piazza, which was convenient but not very quiet. Sandals upgraded us to concierge level, but we really didn't use it (except to book dinner reservation, and to try to exchange t-shirt sizes -- but they were unable to help us out with that). There was room service available, but we never used it.

Water sports/Activities: 9.5 Minimal wind surfing equipment, but we really didn't have much wind. The ski boat was broken for the first few days of our stay, but we still had fun. They had the usual Hobies, kayaks, water tricycles. Equipment had to be signed out, but you didn't need to make a reservation and there were no time limits (as far as we know). The water is very warm and fairly clear (and rather salty this year). Snorkeling off the beach is not great, but wading around near the dock can be interesting. They had four tennis courts, but we couldn't get a beginner lesson early in the morning. And 10am is already too hot to be out there!

Bars: 9.2 No bananas, but a good selection of top shelf booze. Good bartenders.

Restaurants: 9.5 Food quality was very good to excellent. Service was very good. We always did the buffet breakfast and lunch. Having been here before, we skipped a couple of the restaurants to spend more time at our favorites (Eleanor's, Giuseppe's, Jasmine's, and of course CafŽ de Paris). We always made reservations to ensure we get our first choice for time/place, but I don't think you really needed to do so.

Grounds: 9.7 The grounds are wonderful!! The bugs that caused trouble during our last trip were gone (during daylight hours). The resort is so spread out that you never felt crowded anywhere. The hot tub temperatures are a bit variable, but we still used them a few times.

Overall Service: 9.3 Generally very good.

Reception/Front desk/Concierge: 10/10/8 The check-in is hassle-free and very nice! The front desk staff and management seemed very responsive (when I finally complained about the ski boat, it got fixed the next day). The concierge kindof let us down the one time we could have used their help. It was a free upgrade that Sandals gave us, but we wouldn't pay for that option.

Overall: 9.5 A nice trip!

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