Hali & Mike at the Moon Palace
Cancun, Mexico, Aug 1998

Hali and I decided go for an August trip to Carribean, and the newly opened Moon Palace sounded like a great place to try! The resort was very nicely appointed, and the weather was wonderfully hot and dry. It was so hot that we would often take a mid-day siesta from the heat (we even used the gym several times). There were many people from Europe and the UK on holiday, but the resort did not seem overly crowded at all. Our most memorable events occurred while snorkeling -- we were agressively persued by a large, solitary, Barracuda on more than one occasion. Great fun (okay, not really).

This is a revamp of an earlier version of our Moon Palace web page, so details are a bit sketchy now. We took this trip about 6 years ago, but we remember the resort as being pretty nice.

To see pictures of our other fun trips you can visit our main vacation page HERE.  Happy trails!   - Mike & Hali

We were so impressed by the room that we took a few pictures of it as soon as we arrived.
The room was large and had a small balcony.
The shower was finished from floor to ceiling in a beautiful native stone.
This is a shot showing the nice layout of the washroom.
Each room come equipped with a large hot tub!
We had a nice view out of our room (facing the ocean).
Cool rock speakers were everywhere.
We have no idea of the name for this plant, but it looks neat!
Our preferred water venue was the pool for this trip. Here is Hali lounging poolside in the late afternoon.
The grounds were fairly spacious.
On our way to the nightly show. Killer tan, Hali! The resort was very nicely done with tropical theme sculptures and terra-cotta images.
Hali woke up early one morning to get a few sunrise photos. Yes, I was still sound asleep.
Another pool shot.
Look closely and you can see the Iguana on the tree.
The pool was huge -- it had two swim-up bars, two separate smaller side pools, and 4 bridges crossing over it. It was easily the length of a football field. One side had an area you could wade right in (like a fake beach). The maximum depth was less than 5' so it's great for the vertically challenged.
The grounds were huge (1100 rooms, and they are expanding to 30 acres with 2000 rooms). The furthest rooms were a good 15 minute walk from the main building, but they provided cart transportation all day and night from the main building out there.
Hali getting ready for dinner at the beach-front restaurant.
Another sunrise shot.
Hali enjoying a tropical after-dinner drink.
Mike at the Sun Palace. We spent some time there just to try it out. Behind Mike is the weather rock -- complete with instructions. Wet rock: rain; Hot rock: sunny; Rock gone: hurricane.