We review key aspects of the resort (at least, what we consider key aspects) on a scale from one to ten -- one being really bad, and ten being great.

Rooms: 9.9  The room we had was really very nice. We spoke with other people that had some problems with water flow in the shower (etc), but we didn't have any such problems. The seven-head shower gave us plenty of water flow! The room was a nice size, with plenty of drawer space. A nice bed, a stocked fridge, and plenty of towels. The room was kept very clean, and was well maintained. There was a large TV, which we never used. However, there was no clock.

Water sports/Activities: 9.0  A mixed bag. The windsurfing equipment was really lame. The Hobies were truly sad also -- only one that was fully functional. The Couples resort had much better Hobies, and more of them. That resort also had much better windsurfing equipment (which I finally realized I could use if I bribed the right person). And water sports didn't open until 9:30 (one day closer to ten). Most resorts start at 9. They had earlier start times for water skiing, but only by reservation. Now for the good news. They have great snorkeling right from the resort. They also have a brand new motor on their water ski boat. The ski guy (Hueroy) is a greater driver, and really went out of his way to take care of the guests. I think he even started coming in early once he realized that people wanted to ski early. The relatively high score is for the water skiing and the snorkeling.

Bars: 10  Excellent bar tenders, excellent liquor selection, and excellent bars (our favorite being Amici's piano bar). Plus real fruit, and not just bananas.

Restaurants: 10  Excellent food, selection, and service. Plus brewed decaf coffee! The menu at Cafe Lido changed every night -- wonderful. We did not try the Jamaican restaurant, the Italian restaurant, or the grill. The French restaurant was great (white glove, so jacket required), as was the Japanese grill, the sushi bar, and Cafe Lido.

Grounds: 8.5  Towels available 24/7 in various locations. Hot tubs at good temps. Small pool, but well maintained. There was only one afternoon that we really wanted to linger poolside, and they actually told us that we had to leave the one and only pool area because they were getting ready for a private function (not very happy 'bout that). We normally hit the spa at least once, but this one was not very inviting. There was a very nice gym, but we didn't use it.

Overall Service: 10  Great service at the bars, restaurants, and pool-side. Minor tip-trolling, but I can let that slide. They had room service, but we never used it.

Reception/Front desk: 9.8  Nice and easy check-in. Our bags came right away. They allowed us an extra hour to check out, when we asked.

Overall: 9.7  Generally, a very nice resort. It's on the quiet side -- which we like very much. They could improve in some areas, but it's still a very nice choice.